“It’s all about the journey,

not the destination.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“It’s all about the journey, not the destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ONLY travel website that does not talk about destinations!

The Evolving Backpacker is not your average travel blog. It’s a medium to explore yourself and the world around you; to evolve and to become better versions of ourselves by having uplifting experiences, thinking higher thoughts, and by living richer and fuller lives. Travel is metaphorically depicted on this platform to relate to our own individual paths and journeys in life.


Join me as I share my travel experiences and my thoughts relating to zen, spirituality, and transcendentalism: Two apparently distinct themes at first glance, yet strangely conjoined and co-related in more ways than one.

Travel & Evolve

Zen Posts

Red Earth Diaries – My Author Journey: The art of turning a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’

5-minute read. Topic: How to influence people and appeal to their good nature and elicit a positive response? Self-Help, Motivation, Goal Setting

Faery Star 7-Pointed Wisdom: The Seven Simple Truths of Life

5 Minute Read. Faery Star Wisdom. Topic – Self Improvement, Inspirational and Motivational.

A New Year and a New You – Happy 2022

5 Minute read. Topic – New Year Resolutions and a chance to reassess our lives

The Old Blind Beggar

3 Minute Read. Topic – The Power of Words

Growth Pains on the Road to Success

3 Minute Read. Topic – Motivation, Acceptance, Zen

The Ten Commandments for Living in a Post Covid World

5 Minute Read. Topic – New Year Resolution, Sef-Help, Self-Improvement, Covid-19

It’s OK to Not Feel Ok

3 Minute Read. Topic – Self-Help, Acceptance, Zen

Set Your Own Pace in Life…But Never Give Up!

5 Minute Read. Topic: Inspirational Story, Role Model, Persistence

Clay Feet and a Heavy Crown

3 Minute Read. Topic – Spirituality, Inspiration, Self-Help, Forgiveness, Role Model

We are made of Star Stuff

3 Minute Read. Topic – Spirituality, Transcendentalism, Inspiration, Self-Help

Travel Posts

Red Earth Dairies: A Migrant Couple’s Backpacking Adventure in Australia

2 Minute Read. Topic – Book Reveal: Red Earth Diaries

Our Journey as Migrants in Australia: Post 5 – Free Fall

4 Minute read. Topic – Our Migration Journey in Australia

Our Journey as Migrants in Australia: Post 4 – Tropical Paradise

4 Minute read. Topic – Our Migration Journey in Australia

Our Journey as Migrants in Australia: Post 3 – Big City Living

4 minute read. Topic – Our Migration Journey in Australia

Our journey as migrants in Australia: Post 2 – A Girl is Born

4 minute read. Topic -Our Migration Journey in Australia

Our Journey as Migrants in Australia: The Story so Far (2021)

4 minute read. Topic -Our Migration Journey in Australia

Daintree and Cape Tribulation – Where the Rainforest meets the Sea

Cape Tribulation - Where The Rainforest meets the Reef!   Captain Cook's journal entry for the 10th of June 1770 sums up his experience of that eventful day when his ship ran aground at Cape Tribulation, as he was making his way back to England after having...

Townsville Marathon 2016. And The Winner Is…..Everyone!

It was another glorious day in paradise when the city of Townsville hosted the McDonald's Running Festival, one of the city's most anticipated and recognized events of the year. Although I barely practiced this year, I just had to participate in the run as my feet...

Mossmon Gorge – On Hallowed Grounds

A pleasant fifteen minutes drive from Port Douglas brings you to Mossman Gorge, a very accessible and scenic section of the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. Here the Mossman River tumbles its way over and around huge granite boulders that line the gorge...

Port Douglas – Heaven is a Place on Earth!

About two hours drive from Cairns in a northerly direction, Port Douglas is the perfect place to get seduced by the idyllic charms of tropical North Queensland. Visitors to this part of North Queensland relish the natural beauty and warm, balmy climate at any time of...

“The way out is through the door. Why is it that no one will use this method?” ― Confucius

More About The Evolving Backpacker and its Founder Jason

The Evolving Backpacker was born out of a solo road trip that its founder, Jason Rebello undertook way back in 2004, while he was in his late twenties – settled in his career as a mariner, yet restless to understand the true reason for his existence. Jason was hooked on the travel bandwagon; he had found his true passion in life and he embarked on an endless journey of discovery and exploration ever since.

His sole companion during that initial trip was a self-help book by Tony Robbins titled – Awaken the Giant Within. The book was transformational, and Jason wasted no time jotting down copious notes on what he sought to achieve in life: career goals, personal goals, adventure goals, and contributory goals.

He did not know it back then, but Jason had embarked on two simultaneous journeys – the first one in the physical world; the other on a spiritual plane.

The Evolving Backpacker is a confluence of Jason’s two personal interests. This is a travel website that does not talk about travel in the conventional sense. In fact, as the tag line suggests, the topics focus on the metaphorical journey and not just the destination.

Its readers typically are:

  • Travel enthusiasts and adventurers who enjoy nature
  • Persons seeking self-help and motivational topics and who want to live a better and more meaningful life.
  • Dreamers and creators who pursue their passion and who seek more to life than the remainder 99% of the sleepwalkers.

Readers receive regular posts about topics relating to zen, meditation, transcendentalism, spirituality, and travel. Through this website, Jason encourages readers to travel far and wide and to live their lives with unbridled excitement; with the prospect of new discoveries every single day. 

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