A Potholed Road to Happiness

Published on: September 22, 2016

The weatherman got it right this time! Mumbai was predicted to get drenched for two to three days in a row and the rainfall was expected to throw the city out of gear during the monsoon onslaught.

One look outside my window sufficed. The pregnant rain clouds had engulfed the entire sky and were a dense mass of black and grey scraping the high rises as they bore down upon the city with the resolve of an invading army who had reached a point of no return.

Did it deter me from venturing out? Far from it. In fact, I was looking forward to the rejuvenating splendor of the monsoons to lift my spirits and take me back to my childhood days when getting wet was not a hindrance to be avoided but an absolute release from the shackles of mundane existence to be embraced with eager arms.

You see, this time around my wife and I were back in Mumbai as visitors and our outlook towards the city had changed in a big way. It is hard not to be prejudiced towards this pulsating and vibrant city which has given us so much. This is where my wife and I grew up, got educated, got our first jobs, met each other and painted rainbow hued visions of our future together. Incidentally, when I think of Mumbai, more often than not, my mind flashes vivid images of the monsoon seasons and the spell it casts on the Indian sub continent every single time.

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It is said the mind recalls only what it chooses to and in every situation each person will perceive and remember things differently based on his mental make up and more importantly what he chooses to remember.

Life has no meaning but the meaning you give to it.

Do I remember the inconvenience caused due to the flooded streets? The traffic jams and the delayed trains? The potholes which seemed to get bigger with every falling raindrop? The accidental splash of chocolate colored mud water on my formals as a car hastily sped over one of the monster craters and ruined my entire day?

None of these I choose to remember! In fact here is what I remember: I drift back to the time I felt the excitement of hearing the rolling thunder heralding the arrival of the first rains. The moment the city got washed clean and even the most hardened soul felt a certain elation that only Nature can provide. The undiluted pleasure I felt getting soaked to the bone, wading through gushing waters, looking skywards with an open mouth kissing and wanting to taste the magic contained in the water droplets at the same time.

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I chose not to let this moment pass. I chose instead to romance the rains once again as I so often did several years ago. I chose to look to the skies with gratitude for letting me be a part of this unsung miracle rather than to look down at the potholes and curse under my breath.

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ― Roger Miller

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