My New Year Resolution – To Love The Fat Boy In Me!


Published on: December 30, 2016

As this year fades into a memory,
and the new one dawns with renewed hope.
I sit back and take stock of the goals I had set,
and of all the challenges that seemed too difficult to cope.

This New year I choose to accept myself the way I am,
to look with gratitude at my gifts and to just be.
I choose not to see myself through thy eyes of others
but rather to love the fat boy in me!

I promise to talk less and feel more,
to spend less time chasing virtual likes and media bites.
To connect with my true self which, for a long time now, has been un-cared for.
The one who likes to get wet in the rain and sit under a blossoming tree,
I look forward to finally coming face to face with the fat boy in me.

Peer pressure and social conformity can wait another year,
I will first acknowledge my fears and desires,
Because these emotions are what define me and the ones that are most sincere.
A big bank balance, a life of abundance, a healthy lifestyle may yet be difficult for me to foresee,
In the meantime, I will befriend and enjoy the company of the fat boy in me.

The right things done for the wrong reasons seldom bring happiness,
this year, therefore, I will analyse the reasons before I lay out my goals,
and aim to be truthful to myself which will help me reach a level of peacefulness.
Because I know that whilst a smaller part of me wants to compete with society,
the larger part of me is content just listening to the fat boy in me.

All these years I have set goals and promised to break habits that seem to have tied me down,
this time around I vow to love myself just the way I am.
To seek my own counsel and help to change things around.
So this New Year I resolve not bow down to society and to finally break free,
to be a better version of myself by loving the fat boy in me!!

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Sailor, Adventurer, Thrill seeker. I am an avid traveler who seeks every opportunity to travel and evolve . Join me on my numerous adventures and voyages of discovery of the Outside World as well as the Inner Self.


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