Red Earth Dairies: A Migrant Couple’s Backpacking Adventure in Australia

Red Earth Diaries

Published on: July 2, 2021

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I thank you all for the tremendous support you have shown, for your love and for your kind words of appreciation for my posts and our photos as we took you along on our journey as migrants in Australia.

In case you’ve missed the previous posts, you can read them here:

Most of you indicated in the poll that you would like to read about our backpacking adventure in Australia, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve indeed written a book that encompasses our incredible journey of discovery.

Titled Red Earth Diaries, the book is a travel memoir, a migrant’s journal, a delve into Australian history, and a book of inspiration.

I’m so excited to finally be in a position to share this with you.

The book is a travel story by and large, but it is also an inspirational tale that celebrates the power of dreams and motivates the reader to live the life they have imagined.

Red Earth Diaries has been a labour of love of over six years but I’m glad that I’ve achieved what I set out to accomplish. My journey as an author and self-publisher has been challenging but equally rewarding as well. My biggest reward is to have completed this project despite all the odds.

But more of this later. For now, I want you to see the trailer on YouTube and sample the book cover and blurb.

I hope the storyline piques your interest. We’d love to read your comments so please shout out your feedback below.

The book will be launched on 08 July 21 and will be made available on all major online bookstores and platforms in India and around the world. I’ll share all the details with you in the next post.

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Super excited to have you along for the ride!

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe.


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